Greetings, I'm Razur! I am 22 years old avid gamer from Chicago. From learning the ropes on at the age of 12 to creating my own personal website now, I've been designing and coding spaces on the internet for 10 years! On this site you'll be able to find some professional work and other personal projects, as well as random blogs in the future.


CBD Marketing

Chicago, IL    Graphic Design Intern    October 2016 to March 2017

5-month paid internship. Responsible for completing projects for top clients such as Firestone, Whirlpool, and ITW. Trusted with completing priority assignments with deadlines and participated in daily meetings with the Creative team. Responsible for reporting to the Associate Creative Director and Executive Creative Director.

The One Club

Chicago, IL   -   March 2016

Creative marketing bootcamp sponsored by Leo Burnett.

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